Friday, February 25, 2011

Home Again

I am back in Florence! I can’t wait to visit all my favorite places and people. And of course to start shaping what my life will look like here. Pretty exciting stuff, if you’re not afraid of change.

It’s spring here, the season of change. The birds are singing, the trees and flowers are blooming and people are walking around with smaller hats and scarves and sometimes even a button or two undone. I like to think they are smiling a little more too, but of course that could just be me that is smiling so much and hoping to see the same happiness in others.

I am happy…happy and relaxed. Those of you who saw me when I was back in Minnesota probably noticed that I was not really relaxed. Some might even say I was stressed. Once I saw the hills around Florence from the plane I started to feel the tension leave my body. I was so afraid I wouldn’t see those hills, or the red-tiled roofs and soft yellow walls of the city, or the faces of the friends I have made here in Florence.

So, here I am. Some things will stay the same. I live in the same place with the same wonderful man. I will start Italian lessons again soon. I will draw some of the most beautiful places outside of Minnesota (see, I do love you). Some things about my life will definitely change. I will have to find work of some kind, not just for the money but because I am not good at being unemployed. I am looking forward to adding new interests and activities to my life, and new friends to share them with.

And yes, I will be getting on a bike. When I got home there was one sitting in our living room waiting for me. It is red and pretty and even has a bell! (side note: I have always wanted a bell on my bike, but have been told that it just isn’t very grown up. Here everyone has a bell and I am sooo excited to try it) I am anxious to see more of the city and countryside. The bike will give ma a freedom I didn’t have before. Plus, my boyfriend is an avid cyclist and I would like to see if this is something we can do together. If not, at least I have a way to get from one place to another faster than walking and cheaper (and faster) than the bus.

Lastly, I will try so very hard to keep writing this blog for several reasons. One, because everyone wants to know what I am doing and two, because I think that it will help me to have a deeper experience here. What’s the point of moving halfway around the world to have an adventure if I’m not even truly present for it?

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