Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's..

Today is April first. That great day every prankster waits for, saving up their sick, silly and sometimes cruel jokes with the misguided idea that because it's a day made for pranks no one can be hurt by them.

I just read that. Sounds a little bitter. But I think it's mostly true. Of course my view may be a little skewed. April Fool's day reminds me how tenuous relationships are, and how right and wrong don't matter as much as viewpoint.

I got married on April first, he picked the date. The joke before, during, and every anniversary was that because of the date, it didn't really count. Or that it never really happened. Or that he could change his mind at any time and it would be OK.

So he did. Seventeen years after we got married he left. The best part of his joke, the part I didn't see coming, was that when he left on our anniversary to move up north because of his job was that he waited another six months to tell me that he actually left me. His joke timing is spectacular. Didn't see it coming. I should have, I know that now. A year later, almost to the day, our divorce was final.

And out of that monumentally unfunny joke came the chance to live this amazing life that I have now. Isn't it funny how the worst days of your life can bring you to the best days of your life?

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