Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ah, technology!

Iäm a little frustrated today. Iäs easy to see why from these three little sentences. I canät find my punctuation on Leifäs keyboard.

Yesterday his computer (I will have to stay away from the possessive here) over heated and when we turned it back on it had a few issues. Issues that for the most part seem to have been solved by letting the computer sleep in a cool room overnight and leave it off all day.

However, the little icon that usually sits in the bar at the bottom of the screen that determines the keyboard language is gone. I usually change the keyboard to English when I use his computer because the default setting is for the Swedish keyboard. Makes sense, I guess, since Leif is Swedish. Where I am now running into trouble is that the physical keyboard of the computer is Italian. So even though the computer (dammit I cannot find the quotation marks) quote/unquote thinks it has a Swedish keyboard, all the little keys are Italian. They do not correspond much to the Swedish keyboard and there are more keys than the English keyboard has.

Since I do not want to spend the foreseeable future avoiding contractions and possessives and basically sounding like I have a stick up my ass, I will have to find the keyboard function and fix it. Then, of course, remember where I found it so that  next time I use the computer of Leif I can change the setting as it will always, always default to the mysterious and confusing Swedish keyboard where dots and os are the norm and apparently punctuation is optional.

I am sure I will be flooded with advice, and by flooded I mean one person will point out that the setting is right there in front of me. Until I find it I will do as I always do anyway. I start typing and as soon as I need that apostrophe and it is ä instead I silently (or not so silently) mutter stupid Swedish keyboard and change it.

Or, and this might be the better solution, I could just use my own computer with the tiny screen and miniature keyboard. It is always in English, but the shift key is in a strange place so I will have only replaced stupid Swedish keyboard with stupid shift key as my mantra. Decisions, decisions.

I found the apostrophe!!!! Now to remember it.

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  1. where was it? certainly not up your ...