Friday, August 31, 2012

Yet another thing I can't un-see, but wish I could

We got rain this morning. Blessed, cool rain. Lots of lightening and thunder and wind and then pounding rain. It was awesome to lay in bed and listen to the storm swirl around us.

After a particularly loud and close lightening strike we decided to get up and have a look. We both threw on a shirt and walked to the terrace doors and looked out.

What did we see? Oh the usual stuff....rain, trees, our downstairs neighbor's terrace. And then something out of the ordinary. Our downstairs neighbor himself walking the peak of the roof adjacent to the terrace like a tightrope walker, carrying a big red and white umbrella and wearing only his tighty whiteys.

Why was he out on the roof in his underwear during a violent thunderstorm at 6:30 in the morning? Some questions are better left unasked. Hopefully he didn't see us seeing him and we can all pretend it never happened. I'll have to, or the next dinner at their house will be even more uncomfortable for me than they already are.

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