Friday, November 9, 2012

Revolution of a cyclist: When it invades your dreams you're hooked

I've been enjoying learning to ride. As of today I've ridden my road bike ten times. Which isn't a lot and at the same time is about ten times more than I ever thought I'd be riding one. My body is definitely changing and lately there's been a change in my thinking too. Slightly disturbing to say the least.

Two days ago when we were riding I found myself thinking that my feet were wandering around the pedals a bit much on the downhills and it would be nice to have them firmly attached......then I gasped (silently, or at least behind him so he couldn't hear it) and promised myself I wouldn't tell him about that thought because then he'd get all excited and tell me I'm ready for the clips. Which I'm not.

Last night all my dreams happened on bicycles. Everyone was on a bike. No one walked. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to have everyone on bikes. I decided not to share that with him either.

Today as we rode I kept saying (to myself, no need to let Leif know I was struggling) "What doesn't kill me can only make me stronger." Then I realized that I'm already stronger than most of the women I know or pass on the street. I asked myself "Do I really want to be stronger than all these Italian women? They seem to be doing just fine without riding, why kill myself?" Then I caught a glimpse of the smile on Leif's face as we flashed downhill and felt the same smile on my own face and knew the answer.

So I shared the thought I had two days ago and the dreams from last night and (I'm sure you saw this coming) tonight we'll put the clips on my shoes and tomorrow I'll ride with Barbara. She'll be a good friend and not laugh as I learn to get on and off the pedals. Or she'll be a better friend and laugh with me. Because chances are probably 99% that I'll fall and 100% that I'll laugh about it.

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