Sunday, March 24, 2013

Random thoughts from this week, because nothing is happening

By nothing I probably mean that there's been no riding or really recreation of any kind. So that's right, in order to keep the practice of writing, I'm writing when nothing of significance has happened for me to write about. It's not that I'm living in a vacuum, mind you, but all I've been doing is working which isn't exactly exciting stuff. It's not exciting to me anyway and I'm the first filter all this stuff runs through. Anyway, on to the good stuff.

Fun fact for the week:
A baby awake weighs about 3 kilos less than a sleeping baby. This could be nature's way of telling us that they're asleep so we don't have to gently sway across the room to the mirror or it could just be that my arms lose their strength at the same exact time he falls asleep, every time. When babies mature into toddlers they take this innate ability and couple it with their other magic trick, the ability to become boneless, making it impossible to hold onto them. True fact.

Accomplishment for the week:
Olivia learned how to work snaps this week. It doesn't sound like my accomplishment at all, till you realize she practiced this for over an hour on one of my shirts while I was wearing it. It's an accomplishment to sit still (on your hands so you don't help) and watch a three year old figure out how things work for as long as she wants to try. Her mom was so excited she asked me to wear a button shirt next time. We'll just have to see if my patience continues to be limitless.

Both only slightly used but awesome
I do believe I rock  at shopping
Personal fulfillment for the week:
I went to the big outdoor market today. It's the perfect place to feel the thrill of finding a deal without spending too much. They have absolutely everything there. One booth even had an entire roasted pig. I was all disappointed that I forgot my camera till I got home and realized that it was in my bag the whole time. Honestly, some days I don't even know how I find my way home. For the rock-bottom price of 4 euros I got a backpack suitable for carrying wine or olive oil when out riding and a sweater that's so not "me" that it's gotta be the new me. I feel fulfilled. I don't feel hypocritical at all for buying the exact backpack I was mocking mountain bikers for using just a few days ago. I can admit when I was wrong....I assume they are all transporting bottles of wine and olive oil back home.

Cycling note for the week:
By no cycling I meant no road bikes this week. I've been making my usual mad dashes across town on the city bike. Today I noted that when riding the city bike (ie sitting upright) on a slight uphill into the wind it feels like I'm dragging an elephant behind me. I've also noticed that I get more than a few looks as I hit a corner full speed in mountain bike stance; standing on the pedals, leaning over the handlebars and a grim look on my face. In my defense, it's only grim because I have to keep my teeth from smashing together as I catch the tops of the cobblestones. Apparently city bikes are the Lincoln Continental of bikes, driven by the elderly and those who can't be bothered to be in a hurry. I don't fit the profile of a typical city biker. What's new?

In other news:
The tourists have arrived in Florence, in numbers that will surely grow but already enough to slow traffic and frustrate the natives. (I include myself in this category.) I'm trying hard this year to avoid eye contact and stifle my very Minnesotan desire to be helpful. If I don't it will take me twice as long to get across town as I give directions and take countless photos of complete strangers for their scrapbooks. I know it's selfish of me, but I have a life too. Interestingly enough, the mosquitoes arrived at about the same time as the tourists. Coincidence?

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