Sunday, April 7, 2013

Revolution of a cyclist: Come ride with me

All right. I would love to invite all of you to come ride with me, but I suspect that while everyone would like to, most would be able to come up with a minimum of five reasons why it's just not possible. In lieu of of an actual ride together I decided today to take pictures for you. This is easier without Leif and since he's riding with his team (grrrr, go team!) and I am alone this is perfect.

So to set the stage for you.....this is the second day of sunshine in a row so we're nearly giddy with excitement at riding without winter gear and with sunblock. The sky isn't the summer blue, but a lighter, softer blue dotted with little fluffy white clouds and the occasional grey cloud that I chose to ignore. Things are getting green and other things are flowering. The air is drier (I actually washed clothes yesterday that dried in less than 24 hours) and warmer and heavy with the smell of spring. Cyclists have come out of hibernation and some are even brave enough to wear shorts and short sleeves. I assume they are mostly foreigners or ultra macho Italians. Regardless of what they're wearing on their bodies there are big smiles on every face. Mine too. I hope you enjoy our ride!

After the ride. I forget to take pictures before.
Also I think I should get some kind of
prize for wearing my Augsburg gear
absolutely everywhere in Italy
(an underdeveloped market for the college, I feel)

Thanks for riding with me. For every picture here there were a hundred that I couldn't take either because there was no safe place to stop the bike, or because every kilometer had something worth stopping for and I would have been out till dinner. Also no matter which direction I headed I was pedaling into the wind and I started to get tired. So unfortunately you can't see here the little stone churches perched on the side of the foothills surrounded by green forest, or how some of the hills looked like green quilts with vines planted to take advantage of every bit of sunshine, or how the sun sparkled on the water so brightly that it was sometimes impossible to look at the river without being blinded, or how calm it was riding through streets so narrow that cars pulled their side mirrors in before entering and still had to stop and pull over to let cars pass. I'll try and get those another day!

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