Monday, September 16, 2013

Revolution of a cyclist: The lost month

I think we just have to consider August a lost month when it comes to riding. Other than taking a few pictures of bikes and going to the Bianchi Cafe & Cycle Shop in Stockholm I didn't really get near a bike. Yes, there is a heaven and it's the bike shop that also serves espresso and sells  prosciutto and olive oil. You can sip your coffee while touching all the bikes in the shop and even take them for a test ride. Someone was having the time of his life surrounded by brand new Bianchi bicycles.

Even though I didn't ride, cycling was never very far from my thoughts. Impossible as nearly everyone who hosted us is a Cyclist or at least rides regularly (that would be cyclist with a little "c".) So I got my fill of looking at bikes and talking about riding.

Sometimes this was good for me. One friend gave me a pair of wheels that he had replaced "just because". I suppose just because there was a faster wheel available and he couldn't wait till this pair wore out. Possible, as this is the same guy who got all excited to get a super light cage for his water bottle. Honestly I don't see where a gram here or there makes a difference, but it does to the avid Cyclist. All I know is I have to thank him for his generous gift, which I've already tested out and, oh yeah, they're waaaaaay faster than my old wheels. I will have fun riding with them.

Which is good because I sort of got myself into a situation. The first week in Sweden we were staying with Leif's sister and I had the brilliant idea to suggest that we form a sisters group and ride the Tjejvättern. Go ahead, try to pronounce it. (shay-vet-tahn) It's a 100k race (but not actually a race) that happens every June and is open to any woman 15+ years old. So qualifying isn't tough. I was pretty surprised when Ingela said "Sure! It's a good excuse to start riding." Which pretty much means unless she pulls out I have to do it.

Well, Leif got pretty excited about the whole thing and started telling people that I would be riding in the Tjejvättern next year. I would have to say that by now hundreds (after this post hundreds + a couple more) of people have heard that I'm riding in this event. It no longer matters if my Swedish sister rides or not. I'm committed due to Leif's total excitement for me. I'm sure I'll thank him someday.

So as time goes by I'll keep you posted on my progress. My goal is to remember when I'm scheduling my work to block out time for riding every week. That's the hardest part for me. Not the riding, but remembering to make the time for it. Wish me luck...

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