Friday, October 4, 2013

Revolution of a cyclist: Hahahahahaha

I would like to clarify that this is not hysterical laughter. Oh no. Pretty sure it's not. It's more like confused laughter.

First, I'm officially registered for the Tjejvättern in June. For a relative newbie to cycling this feels rather major, even though it's just a ride. I get nervous riding with two people; with 6,499 others I might start to hyperventilate and fall. Although I think I've shown that I fall with a particular style and grace that keeps me relatively injury free, if not embarrassment free.

Second, in my excitement (and because I suck at following directions) I left the rest of my group behind. Turns out I was supposed to be the very last person in the group to register, not the very first. Luckily my sisters are on spot in Sweden and actually speak Swedish so they managed to talk to someone and figure things out. I have a feeling that my jag älskar dig (I love you) wouldn't get me far. Or maybe it would...? It's also kind of funny that I spent a fair amount of time at each step, hesitating for up to a minute with the cursor over the ":next" button, afraid to commit to the next step, yet still managed to screw things up. I'm a master of misreading instructions.

Third and possibly the strangest thing is that my little whim has spawned a movement of sorts. Suddenly, besides the sisters in the 100k ride, we have all the men riding in the 150k ride. My husband, his brother, his sister's fiancee and his brother, and our champagne loving friend. The only people not riding in any Vättern-inspired event are the father-in-law and the nieces and nephew. Well, so far anyway.

I vacillate between feeling like a muse, inspiring people to do something they've never done before and like a siren, calling them seductively into a course filled with physical trials. But either way it's nice to know I won't be out there alone, if one could indeed be said to be alone when riding with 6,499 other people.

Now I just need to start riding.....a lot.

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