Friday, November 15, 2013


Iäm I'm working on a Swedish keyboard and tired from working entirely too much and feeling the effects of my superior happy hour, so this won't be the most gripping reading you will do this week. I just didnät didn't want to let more time go by without writing, or I might stop altogether.

Does that opening statement need explaining? The Swedish keyboard is mysterious. Punctuation randomly placed (in my humble opinion) and those extra vowels (öäå) where my most cherished and used punctuation normally sits. It's unnerving to type it's and instead see itäs. Over and over again, because I never learn, apparently. I could, I suppose, change the keyboard to a virtual English keyboard but that seems a little defeatist to me. I have no idea what the extra keys might hold and not enough curiosity to find out. I could just be lazy.

I worked more hours than a human being reasonably should in the last two weeks. Why, oh why, is the word no so difficult? I say no to lots of things and lots of people, but some twisted part of me just can't say no to the chance to earn money. On the upside, I earned two and a half months worth of salary in those two weeks, so January and February arenät aren't looking quite as bleak as they have in past years.

And finally on the topic of happy hour. Oh my, what to say. Iäve I've tried the cheap brand of brandy. It was disappointing, to say the least. Mostly at our supermarket they sell pretty top shelf stuff so I bought rum that comes in its own little suede bag and probably cost as much as the Phillips brand (conveniently bottled less than 40 miles from my parents house) half gallon jug. Possibly more. And Iäve ack! I've decided I donät don't care.

Because Iäm I'm worth it.

Well, that and happy hour happens rather infrequently so this small bottle could last me six months or more.

Probably best to call it a day and attempt this again on a computer more compatible with my language and cognitive abilities. Some days you just aren'ät (see how close I was there?) aren't gonna get me at my best. But Iäll (sigh) I'll never stop trying.

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