Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I have a name. La signora di mountain bike. Kinda catchy.

So the day after I didn't get fired I felt a need to work off some of the negative energy I had stored up over the previous week. So I headed off to my usual ride through town to the white road and enjoyed a pretty hard ride to blow all the cobwebs out of my brain and feel good again.

Leif had left earlier to ride in the Giro della Toscana, a bike ride that brings riders from all over the region. Being the stud that he is, he chose to do the longer ride of 150 kilometers. (My ride was considerably shorter.) He asked if I'd come and meet him at the finish, which I did last year and since I actually know where I'm going now it wouldn't be a problem to find it so I said "Sure!"

So after my own ride and the necessary shower after, I got back on my bike and rode across town. There I parked my bike and got on a bus to go to another town a little south of Florence where the ride would finish.

It's not much of a story yet, is it? But now we come to the whole point of this post.

In this little town, almost 10 kilometers from where I do my usual rides, is where I walked past four older gentlemen and heard one of them say to the others "La signora di mountain bike."

And I thought, wow. Are they talking about me? I am a woman and I do ride a mountain bike. Then again we were at a cycle race. They could be talking about anyone. I checked and sure enough....these are guys I pass at some point on nearly every ride. Of course I have no idea how they recognized me without my bike, in street clothes and carrying my helmet instead of wearing it. So it's official....I'm a (kind of) Florentine, enough of one to be recognized in town and out of town.

This morning on my ride we met, me and the four older gentlemen. Today we all nodded and smiled. I think they like me.

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