Sunday, September 23, 2012

My state fair experience, Tuscan style

This morning on my ride I saw a woman wearing a royal blue and florescent green tie-dyed mumu with lime green, purple, black and sky blue striped knee socks and a man in a silver suit and white cowboy boots with silver toes and heels. I kind you not. Silver lame, but in a suit weight. He looked like a space man from a bad  50's sci-fi movie. That's when I knew this was the day to go to the state fair.

OK, it wasn't technically a state fair. But it is the Expo Rurale Toscana which is the Tuscan version of a fair with everything from the countryside represented. Food and drink, animals, farmers, you name it, it was probably there. Oops, no rides and no food on sticks. Italians like to sit and eat. Walking and eating is what tourists do. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and probably two thousand of mine, here are pictures from my day.

Machinery Hill. That's right. One of only two tractors in
whole place. Sorry dad, but hey, it's a Deere!
Things you just don't see at the Minnesota
State Fair. Snails.

Regional mushrooms.

Olive oil tasting. There are three more
tables just like this that form a square.
That's a lot of olive oil.

Weird gourds. I don't know what they
are and don't care. Great shape.

Cured meats and cheeses.
I had too much fun sampling stuff.
Interesting birds. Not your average chicken.

The sign says "Don't touch the animals."
Seriously? They need a sign for that??

Tuscan rodeo. The soundtrack?
Classical music and opera.

Not as flashy as an American rodeo, but just as much fun.
Hand made baskets.

Sadly, the fair attire seemed to be concentrated outside of the fair. Maybe here every day is like the state fair? 

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