Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back to my mommy days

Me and Mia.
Today an amazing thing happened.

The little girl I watch on a pretty regular basis did something incredibly sweet. This is the little girl who for the last year has cried (sometimes the whole time I'm watching her) every time I see her. We had reached a point where she would only cry a little, and only at first and then we could get on with the fun.

A couple of months ago she started asking  for me  when there would be a long time between visits. She still cried when I showed up, she just remembered that I was pretty OK when I wasn't around to enjoy it.

Lately she's taken to telling me she loves me randomly during our visits.

Today as I left she ran back down the street to me, grabbed me tightly around the neck and pressed her crumb-laden, chocolate smeared face firmly into my cheek to kiss me and kept yelling down the street as I left "I love you, Michele!"

When she did that I was suddenly taken back twenty-some was my daughter covering my cheek with chocolate kisses and whispers of love. It was my son patting my cheek and saying "I love you, Mom."

Kind of makes any day Mother's day, a kiss like that.

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