Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Speaking of change

I'm so excited for my friends who are experiencing great changes in their lives right now.

That moment when the idea becomes action is a breathless, exhilarating, and hopeful yet terrifying time.

It's standing on the edge of a cliff with your arms spread like wings and taking that first step off. Knowing absolutely nothing and believing absolutely everything. The body may be tied to the earth but the soul can soar and maybe for the first time they're really understanding the difference. Seeing the whole world spread before them and knowing that where ever they land is the perfect place for that moment.

Sometimes I feel closer to them than I do to anyone else. They don't simply admire the adventure from afar....they've plunged head first into the unknown with me. We share that motionless stance on the edge of the cliff and that moment of decision followed by a step into thin air. A heart-in-the-mouth, stomach-in-the-shoes roller coaster ride that is completely balanced by the love they give and receive from the people around them.

For all the uncertainty that they face they are the most content, happy and centered people I know. I'm honored to call them friends.


  1. :) it is exhilarating. And seeing the end of this long step is exhilarating, too. And that even at almost 60 it has made me realize that I can take another step. Whoosh! It gives me a horrible headache up to the step...

  2. but you took the biggest steps...I remember (pretty clearly) the first time we met. I loved listening to you when we went out for lunch after that. I hope I keep those times in my head. Love, Linda

    1. Linda, you're as inspirational as they come. You're cliff is just a little different from mine....the feelings are the same. Michele